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Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans

Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans

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This is exactly what I want to see as we enter into the 2020s. These cool new Ksenia Schnaider Asymmetric Jeans are not only the perfect pair of jeans for those who cannot decide between skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans, they're for anyone who could care less what's fashionable at the moment. Yep, these double-take-inducing luxury jeans feature a skinny right leg and wide-leg left. All they're missing are heavy pleats, ripped knees, acid-washed fabric, cargo pockets, and one cuffed pant leg to make the fashion world implode. They also pair nicely with this Pants T-Shirt!

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These innovative pants from Japan have a built-in cooling fan to keep your lower half cool and comfortable, even on the hottest of days.
Garbage Pantz
Nothing kills you home's curb appeal more than a bunch of hideous trash cans. Put some pants on them and enjoy the approving honks from cars passing buy and thumbs up from your neighbors.
Gigantic Pants Sleeping Bag For Two
A soft and comfortable sleeping bag for two that looks like a gigantic pair of pants.
Pants T-Shirt
Yep, this double-take-inducing t-shirt has a picture of a giant pair of denim jeans on the front. Yeah, you know it's clever.
Mosquito Net Pants
These bug-blocking pants are made from fine 1.2-mm netting that may seem lightweight and breathable to us, but acts like an impenetrable force field/suit of armor to the psychotic blood-sucking, disease-spreading mosquitoes.

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Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
These unique oversized cardboard hangers feature funny animal heads printed on them so it looks like a bulldog, black lab, fox, black cat, or grey cat is wearing your clothes.
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
Smittens are mittens specially designed so that two people can hold hands inside of one mitten.
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
No more wire hangers!!!
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
These hardcore winter caps are made from extra manly 100% acrylic yarn and combine a horned Viking-inspired helmet cap with a mighty soft-whiskered beard. Perfect for tailgating, snowboarding or just keeping warm for the brutal trip in between the car and the mall.
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
The Big Bad Wolf, The Kool-Aid Man and a plan...
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
All ex-Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer got was this lousy t-shirt!
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
Nothing says cozy winter warmth better than a giant chain wrapped around your neck, but while others are doing double-takes, this cool new Chain Link Scarf will be keeping you toasty warm and oddly trendy.
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
These polished stainless steel cufflinks have rigid teeth for prying off the caps of beer and soda bottles with ease after a long day at the office or a successful deal.
Asymmetric Skinny and Wide-Leg Jeans
The mysterious island from the television show LOST must have thrown us all into some alternative flash-sideways timeline where the show has now been renamed FOUND!

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