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Mosquito Net Pants

Mosquito Net Pants

Mosquito Net Pants

Mosquitoes and every other buzzing, biting, and stinging flying insect squadron of pests may have completely outnumbered us and driven us into our homes, but they haven't won the battle. Forget the smelly, toxic chemical bug sprays when you step outside into the battleground and just slip on these cool new Mosquito Net Pants instead. These bug-blocking pants are made from fine 1.2-mm netting that may seem lightweight and breathable to us, but acts like an impenetrable force field/suit of armor to the psychotic blood-sucking, disease-spreading mosquitoes. Hmm, I wish they would make bug light netting pants now, because that electrical zap is beyond satisfying on a warm Summer evening.

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  • Lightweight pants made from fine 1.2-mm netting that shields the skin from mosquitoes without the use of harmful and malodorous chemicals
  • Full-length pants are worn over regular clothing
  • Provides continuous, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly coverage without DEET or fragrances
  • Breathable so it won't trap heat, helping you stay cool even in tropical climates
  • Stretches to allow freedom of movement while engaging in outdoor pursuits
  • Includes a pocket-sized bag for convenient transport in purse or backpack
  • Machine-washable polyester
  • Unisex sizes - loose fit is recommended

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