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Solar Insect Zappers / Landscape Accent Lights

Solar Insect Zappers / Landscape Accent Lights

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The never-ending battle against the endless squadrons of biting, stinging, and buzzing flying insect pests persists every summer, but now there's a new weapon to add to your backyard arsenal. A force field! These cool new Solar Insect Zappers / Accent Lights may look like ordinary solar-powered LED landscape accent lights that you stake around your home or along pathways, which they are, but they can also be switched over to become lethal 300-volt insect-attracting bug zappers as well!

During the day, the integrated solar panel on top will harness the power of the sun to charge the internal batteries in only 8 hours with moderate sunlight. At dusk, the UV bulb turns on automatically to lure mosquitoes, flies, and over 100 varieties of other pesky flying insects to their instant, shocking deaths. If you begin to feel merciful to these airborne pests or if they catch on and move over to the neighbor's yard, you can easily switch back over from bug zapper mode to accent light mode at the touch of a button. These highly satisfying / entertaining lights come in a set of 4, offer attractive exterior illumination or chemical-free bug protection for up to 8 hours per charge, feature a housing made from 100% stainless steel, and have a safety grate surrounding the bulb to keep hands and pets from getting shocked.

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