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Teak Bat House - No More Mosquitos!

Teak Bat House - No More Mosquitos!

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While the Batman is out protecting us every night from the evil doers in Gotham City, his little winged mammalian friends the bats are out protecting us too. Because of vampires, haunted castles and other tales of terror, bats have developed a rather villainous reputation, but they shouldn't be feared, they are actually our friends.

Bats perform a vital ecological role in nature by pollinating some flowers, dispersing seeds and most importantly, keeping those irritating pesky insect armies in balance. Bats not only consume massive quantities of annoying garden destroying grasshoppers, corn borers, potato beetles and more, one small bat can also catch and eat up to 600 mosquitoes an hour! Bats are also sometimes thought to be mean and bite, but small bats are mostly harmless and are not likely to bite people or animals except in self-defense. Plus, they are mainly active at night when people aren't around anyways. Basically, just let them do their thing and leave them alone.

Well, now that I've shown you how bats can be a good thing to have around, you can welcome bats to your yard, just like you do the birds, with a cool Teak Bat House. This sustainably harvested Costa Rican teak bat house is designed to attract and shelter the widest range of bat species inside it's 3/4" deep single chamber crevice. Since bats like to roost high off the ground (and away from us), simply hang it 12 to 15 feet above the ground, under an eave or on a flat surface made of wood, stone or brick that is protected from strong winds and bright lights. I don't know what's better, a relaxing insect and mosquito free summer with a thriving garden or the sight of bats swooping through the night, striking fear into the hearts of the idiot neighbors!

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