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Medieval Bat Castle

Medieval Bat Castle

Medieval Bat Castle

While bats have gotten a bad reputation over the past five or six centuries for transforming into blood-thirsty fanged vampires at night, in the 21st century we now know that isn't tru... fingers crossed. Bats are actually a very beneficial species to have around our homes. Not only does the average bat eat almost 1200 annoying flying insects an hour including mosquitoes, they also help fertilize the ground, spread seeds, and pollinate. They even do it at night, so as not to annoy us humans. Well, now you too can attract these handy mosquito clearing experts by giving them a unique shelter to sleep in with this cool new Bat Castle. Just place this medieval-themed wooden bat house in your garden facing south a few meters above the ground, wait for bats to move in, and then enjoy summer evenings without as many mosquitoes, not bats, trying to suck your blood... no bat signal or noxious chemical sprays required.

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