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Home Chicken Coop

Home Chicken Coop

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A friend of mine mentioned that she was looking into raising some backyard chickens and at first I thought it was a crazy idea, but upon further review, it actually sounds kind of fun. Dogs keep you happy and protected, cats monitor for mice and teach relaxation, birds, hmm, do nothing, but backyard chickens not only provide fresh eggs, they're also extremely efficient at controlling pests and insects in your garden too. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you love eggs, have a backyard, some space, and understanding neighbors, you might be interested in raising a few of your very own backyard chickens with this cool new Home Chicken Coop.

This portable chicken coop accommodates two to four chickens, includes an attached 8' fenced in run, has wheels for portability and a tilt roof for easy cleaning and egg gathering. The coop is constructed from solid pine and unfinished exterior grade with galvanized hardware cloth on the bottom. The 8' run is made from galvanized metal tubing and chicken wire, with a shade cloth cover, a door on top to facilitate feeding and watering and a sliding door to let chickens in and out. Chickens not included.

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