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Termitat - Tabletop Termite Habitat

Termitat - Tabletop Termite Habitat

Termitat - Tabletop Termite Habitat


Termites aren't usually a very welcome species to be brought into a home, but now you safely can with this cool new Termitat. Like a huge ant colony, this desktop habitat / exhibit houses approximately 20 low risk Pacific Dampwood Termites behind escape-proof, 1/4 inch acrylic. Worried? Actually, Pacific Dampwood Termites, the largest termites in North America, aren't house eaters like their drywood and subterranean termite relatives and are mainly found living in moist, decaying logs on the forest floor in the Pacific Northwest. So the ones sealed up in the display would much prefer to be munching on and living inside the included disc of Douglas Fir wood than anywhere else in your home. It's perfect for observing them at home, the office, or in a classroom, makes the perfect gift for someone who has everything, and includes everything you need including an informational book and a syringe for giving them water occasionally. Check out this VIDEO to see the termites in action. Cool huh?

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