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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester

Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester

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Want to help the declining bee population while also boosting your garden's productivity? The cool new Urban Bee And Insect Nester is a decorative modern habitat for attracting pollinating solitary bees and other beneficial insects to your garden and yard. Non-swarming solitary bees are some of nature's most impressive pollinators and rarely sting unless you start aggressively swatting at them while they just try to do their job. This designernester has interior canes that are designed specifically to attract them and are all housed inside an acacia wood interior that is protected by a durable Clayplas+ clay and recycled plastic shell. Go bees!

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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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Modern Solitary Bee And Insect Nester
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