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Hanging Monkey Statue

Hanging Monkey Statue

Hanging Monkey Statue

Do you have nosy spying neighbors that are incapable of minding their own business? Send a message back to them that they're sure to see while snooping around your property again with this cool new Hanging Monkey Statue. While it may look like a playful monkey is hanging down from a tree branch looking around with binoculars in hand, it's actually a highly detailed cast resin statue with a realistic aged bronze finish that can be hung from a tree branch, railing, or fence. It's over 3 feet long, has a 1.5 inch hand opening for hanging, and is corrosion-, crack-, and mold-resistant. Now if your annoying neighbors just can't seem to take a hint, send this statue over as a nice subtle gift that lets them know you're on to them.

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