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WORX TriVac - Blower / Mulcher/ Yard Vacuum with Leaf Collection System

WORX TriVac - Blower / Mulcher/ Yard Vacuum with Leaf Collection System

WORX TriVac - Blower / Mulcher/ Yard Vacuum with Leaf Collection System

If you want to clean up the outdoors all around you, then you're going to need some powerful tools. The cool new WORX TriVac is a compact, yet heavy duty 3-in-1 electric blower, mulcher, and yard vacuum all-in-one.

As a leaf and debris blower, it can produce airspeeds over 210 mph (plenty strong enough to blow it all into your neighbor's yard) or with a flip of a switch (no tube changes necessary) it can become a yard vacuum with enough suction to suck away 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute. It also comes with a 2-stage mulching system built-in that uses a shredder blade and an all-metal impeller to produce fine mulch at a ratio of 18:1 that's great for spreading around flower beds or used as compost in the garden. If you have more leaves than the generous 10-gallon collection bag can handle, it also comes with a convenient leaf collection system that deposits the mulch directly into a large round trash can that you supply.

A great yard tool that will save you from the backbreaking task of lawn and landscape cleanup or just give it to someone else, tell them how much fun it is, and let them do it for you. Check out this VIDEO for a demonstration.

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  • 3-in-1 compact blower, mulcher, and yard vacuum all in one without tube changes
  • Combo kit includes WA4053.1 leaf collection system that attaches to waste can (waste can not included)
  • Electric blower and vacuum can blow away debris then easily change to vacuuming in seconds
  • Blower produces airspeed of over 210 mph, strong enough for even the toughest wet leaves and debris
  • 2-stage mulching system with shredder blade and all-metal impeller
  • Metal impeller blade increases the mulch ratio to 18:1 and is heavier duty against solid debris objects
  • Powerful 12 amp motor produces enough suction to vacuum 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute
  • Lightweight and designed to be used with only one hand
  • With the flip of a switch, it can easily go from blower to vac
  • Includes 10-gallon collector bag (equal to 100 gallons of dry leaves) - made with special breathable nylon fabric to maximize airflow
  • Emission free thanks to electric power

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