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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch

Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch

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Feeling like a total Grinch this holiday season? Is your heart two sizes too small? Want to annoy all your neighbors in Whoville and beyond? Then inflate this cool new Two Story Inflatable Grinch in your front yard. This truly massive 18 foot tall inflatable Grinch, based on the iconic design from the 1966 cartoon Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, is dressed up in his Santa Claus suit, holds a Naughty or Nice ornament from his furry long green fingers, and illuminates from within. It includes stakes and rope tethers to prevent the Grinch from flying off and ruining Christmas for someone else and has a built-in blower to keep him fully inflated. Bah Humbug! Oops, wrong fictional Christmas villain.

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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch
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