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Motion-Activated Gift Alarm - Catches Snoopers in the Act

Motion-Activated Gift Alarm - Catches Snoopers in the Act

The cool new Gift Alarm from Archie McPhee is a fun motion-activated alarm that blasts a loud siren and flashes a bright red light when it detects kids snooping around their presents under the tree or the hidden gifts still waiting to be wrapped. It has a four foot protection radius, so it could be used for protecting more than just gifts from annoying snoopers, like place it in a drawer or cabinet, guard your smartphone, scare a pet off the furniture, get an alert when the mail arrives, etc.


  • Turn your Christmas tree into Fort Knox with the Gift Alarm
  • Motion detecting alarm for presents
  • Siren and flashing red light when activated
  • 4 foot protection radius
  • If a snooper tries to approach their gifts, the alarm goes into DEFCON 1 with a loud siren and flashing red light
  • Not Christmas specific - Use to protect the last piece of cake or your diary
  • Size: 2.75" T

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