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The Grinch Cake Pan

The Grinch Cake Pan

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What would you do if you were surrounded by an entire town of obnoxious, overly festive lunatic WHOs who spend all day, every day, singing, dancing, feasting, and bulling anyone not in their collective cult of excessive overblown holiday spirit? Even if you fled to a mountaintop cave to escape the insanity and get some much needed peace and quiet, they'll just hire a baritone singer with a mega loudspeaker to insult you with mean-spirited lyrics and ear-piercing song and music from afar. The entire town of WHOville was filled with extreme bullies and neighbors of the worst kind and I believe the Grinch was fully justified in stealing their entire Christmas. I mean, all The Grinch wanted was to be left alone. So this holiday season, let's celebrate this tragic misunderstood holiday hero by baking a cake in his honor with this cool new The Grinch Cake Pan. This nonstick cast aluminum cake pan bakes a cake, brownie, or quick bread in the shape of the legendary Grinch's head. Hmm, Ebenezer Scrooge was also misunderstood in his greatness, but I'll save that story for another post.

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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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The Grinch Cake Pan
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