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BakeSplit - Silicone Baking Sheet Divider

BakeSplit - Silicone Baking Sheet Divider

BakeSplit - Silicone Baking Sheet Divider

This cool new BakeSplit is an adjustable silicone divider that allows you to bake two different types of food on a single baking sheet. Not only does it save valuable oven space, especially during hectic holiday dinners, it's also perfect for accommodating picky eaters, vegetarians, those with food allergies, those who like nuts on their brownies and those who don't, serving up different types of appetizers on game day or at parties, and much more. To use, just attach to a steel baking sheet via its internal magnets, expand it until it fits the shape of the pan, and bake away. Great solution.

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  • Bakesplit Universal Baking Sheet Divider
  • Cook more and clean less - Save oven space during holidays
  • Bake multiple types of food on your existing bakeware
  • Expands and adjusts to the shape of your bakeware
  • Great for meal preparation, cooking inter-dietary, and improved kitchen efficiency
  • Fits all pan sizes and includes magnets
  • Eliminate the need for multiple baking sheets
  • All silicone is FDA/LFGB approved food-grade platinum silicon rated to 500°F/260°C
  • Bakesplit has no BPA, plastic, odor, or taste at high temperatures
  • Reusable, durable, and will not damage your cookware
  • All magnets have Teflon food-grade coating
  • Add roasted vegetables to any baked recipe
  • Prepare multiple flavors of poultry, beef or fish for easy health and fitness dieting
  • Bake healthy food for weight loss in large batches
  • Separate grease from fatty foods
  • Prepare food in large batches
  • Easily cook dinners for picky kids, vegetarians, or people with lactose intolerance
  • Bake combinations of brownies, cookies, pastries, cake, pizza rolls, chicken wings, and bread
  • Separate spicy and mild food, vegetarian and meat dishes, or cheeses and dairy.
  • Dishwasher safe

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