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I Am Not A Paper Towel - Kitchen Towel Set

I Am Not A Paper Towel - Kitchen Towel Set

My name is Michael and I use entirely way too many paper towels. I just can't seem to kick this overly convenient, super-absorbant and easily disposable paper cleaning habit. However, I might think twice about using them, if I had a cool new I Am Not A Paper Towel hanging in my kitchen.

These unique eco-friendly kitchen towels are made of 100% organic cotton with a clever water-based ink environmental statement planted right on the front. They feature an absorbent waffle weave design, a hanging loop and come in a handy set of two. They really make you stop and think and would go perfectly with the equally clever I Am Not A Paper Cup - Ceramic Coffee Cups.

I actually think I'm going to get a set of these. They're funny, a better alternative to wasting paper towels all day and I really like the quote from the manufacturer, "Sometimes what you aren't is more important than what you are".

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