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Old-Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker

Old-Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker

Old-Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker

I haven't had cotton candy since I was a little kid, but I recently had this strange nostalgic craving for it. Where can you even get cotton candy outside of a county fair, carnival or circus? Well, actually now you can make your own cotton candy right at home with the cool new Old-Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker.

Making cotton candy is sort of a fascinating process. All you have to do is pour regular granulated sugar into the Old-Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker, turn it on and it heats the sugar into a liquid. It then spins this liquid sugar out through tiny holes in the spinner and it re-solidifies in the air as wispy spun sugar. Take one of the included plastic cones and twirl it around to collect this newly formed cotton candy. You can also add food coloring to make the cotton candy blue or pink or yes, even green.

Cotton candy will go great with the equally cool Old-Fashioned Corn Dog Maker!

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  • Ideal for bringing carnival flavor and fun in to the home
  • Antique-cart style design looks good on any counter
  • Spins sugar into delicious cotton candy in minutes
  • Convenient countertop design; easy cleanup
  • Includes 2 plastic cones, 1 packet of cotton candy mix, instructions; 11 by 12 inches

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