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Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand

Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand

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The iPad has become a regular tool in the kitchen around my home for both entertaining and following recipes and instructional videos while cooking. The problem is that keeping a dedicated iPad / recipe stand on the counter wastes valuable space, but Victorinox Swiss Army found a really clever solution. The cool new Swivel Block is a versatile universal wooden knife block that swivels around to reveal a convenient tablet / cookbook stand on the back. The knife block holds up to 11 knives (6 steak knives, a 2" Chef's Knife, and 4 other average to smaller width blades) and includes slots for a honing steel and kitchen shears. Available in dark or natural wood stain. Genius.

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Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
This fun cookie cutter stamps out hand shapes from cookie dough with movable fingers that can be arranged into expressive gestures before you bake like a thumbs up or down, peace signs, OKs, rock out, Vulcan, fingers crossed, middle finger, sign language, devil signs, gang signs, punches, shadow puppets, or whatever else you can dream up.
Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
As far as modern 21st century cheese slicing contraptions go, this new cheese slicer by Marcus Vagnby is the coolest.
Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
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Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
A childproof, self-locking knife block with 6 high quality kitchen knives made from Japanese stainless steel.
Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
Unlike other mandolines, this handheld version uses a precision multi-grip protective guard to safely hold a variety of different sized fruits and vegetables.
Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
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Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
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Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
The perfect blades for any modern kitchen warrior.
Victorinox Swivel - Knife Block / iPad Stand
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