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Trongs - Finger Utensils

Trongs - Finger Utensils

Trongs - Finger Utensils

Eating with your bare hands like a savage beast and getting them covered in a sticky, greasy, and saucy mess has its charm I guess, but if you want to eat with your hands in a more civilized manor, then check out these cool new Trongs. These unique finger utensils let you eat wings, BBQ ribs, sushi, appetizers, and other finger foods without the mess and are also great for handling food while cooking to keep your hands clean. Even better, they make you much more interesting at parties and let you get back to texting on your smartphone and ignoring everyone much quicker.



  • Keeps your fingers clean while eating messy foods
  • Also great for food prep, such as breading chicken cutlets
  • Easy to use-stands like a tripod for quick pick-up, set-down
  • Made in the USA of food-safe, reuseable polypropylene
  • Great for multitasking while eating

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