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Hetatsuki - Plant Stem Food Picks

Hetatsuki - Plant Stem Food Picks

Hetatsuki - Plant Stem Food Picks

Make your bite-sized appetizers look even more fresh and inviting at your next soiree when you serve them up with these cool new Hetatsuki Food Picks from Japanese designer Kotaro Usugami. These fun party picks are shaped like vegetable stems so each appetizer looks like it was just freshly plucked from the plant. Stick them on vegetables, cheeses, fruits, meats, and more. They also double as little forks and come in a set of 3.

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  • Designer: Kotaro Usugami
  • Hetatsuki Plant Stalk Food Picks - Set of 3
  • Makes it look like a plant stem is growing out of foods
  • Vegetable stem design cutlery
  • Use as a food pick or even like a fork
  • Colors: green or light green
  • Materials: polypropylene
  • Made in Japan
  • Size: 1.2" x 1.2" x 5.7"

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