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Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks

Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks

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Need a cooking utensil that's perfect for deep frying, stir frying, wok cooking, boiling, steaming, flipping grilled meats, scooping up noodles, plating and serving, stirring sauces, makeshift wizard wands, or just grabbing things from a distance, like sneakily snatching food off someone else's plate? Then get your hands on these Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks from Donxote. Using these oversized, 16.5 inch long wooden chopsticks can help prevent burned hands from hot grease, hot steam, and boiling water while cooking. They're also fun to try and eat with too and make for great regular-sized chopsticks just in case any unexpected hungry giants stop by for dinner.

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Space Masher - Rocket Ship Potato Masher
Make mashed potatoes that are out of this world!
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These unique stainless steel spoons feature an innovative curved handle for hanging on the lip of the glass after scooping in a spoonful of sugar in between refills!
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The green melamine salad servers stand upright like leaves in a flower pot that also doubles as a mixing or serving dish for salad dressings or toppings.
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Buona Pasta Server with Silicone Spaghetti Handle
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Sipahh - Milk Flavoring Straws
Hey kids! Tired of drinking boring unflavored white milk? Tired of having to mix in flavored chocolate powders or syrups? Well you need to try out these cool new Sipahh - Milk Flavoring Straws. The unique Sipahh straw contains tiny flavored UniBeads that dissolve as you suck the milk through the straw. Simply dip, sip and enjoy, no mess. Sipahh straws come in plenty of great flavors too like Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Banana, Choc Mint, Toffee, Apple, Cookies & Cream. Cool invention eh?
Molecule-R AromaForks
This futuristic cuisine enhancing set includes 4 AromaForks that can release up to 21 different flavor aromas through a little slot that holds diffusing papers.
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Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
Just rinse a mushroom, place it on a cutting board, and then push this slicer down to instantly slice it up and then hold it for easy transfer to a pan or bowl.
Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
These fun and simple condiment dispensers are made from glass mason jars with authentic metal canning jar lids that have been outfitted with a handy pump and a rewritable chalkboard side to let guests now which is the hot sauce and which is the ketchup, etc.
Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
An ultra space-saving, silicone-coated steel drying rack for your sink that also doubles as a produce washing station.
Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
Always have soft and spreadable butter with this old-school butter keeper.
Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
As humans we tend to make a lot of to-do lists and grocery lists, but it's the 21st Century and there are machines that can do these petty tasks for us now. The Smart Shopper - Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer does just what the name implies, it listens, recognizes and remembers what you need from the store.
Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
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Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
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Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
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Gigantic Wooden Cooking Chopsticks
This innovative set of six cupcake tins each slide in and lock together to create a configurable cupcake tray.

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