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Bacon Clothesline

Bacon Clothesline

Bacon Clothesline

When an opportunity arises to present your finest gourmet bacon to hungry family, friends, and guests at breakfast or as an appetizer during the big game, then hang up and put those perfect, crispy slices on full display with this cool new Back Bay Dining Bacon Clothesline. Yep, a clothesline to hang up slices of bacon now exists and it's the more fun and creative way to display regular bacon, smoked bacon, candied maple bacon, pork belly, Canadian bacon, or any other kind of bacon you can make work. It features a wooden base and frame, metal clothesline, 5 metal clothespin clips, and a metal serving cup for dipping the bacon slices into your favorite condiments and sauces. Since it's reusable, it would also be a unique way to serve up bacon at restaurants as well.

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  • Nothing catches someone's eye quite like a Bacon Clothesline
  • A creative way to display their bacon masterpiece
  • Use it to serve bacon at breakfast or bacon as an appetizer during a game
  • Metal clips and reusable wooden frame
  • Includes a condiment cup for dipping the bacon slices into your favorite sauce

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