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Potato Chip Grabber

Potato Chip Grabber

Potato Chip Grabber

The cool new Potato Chip Grabber from Takara Tomy in Japan may seem silly at first glance, but when using it to pick up individual chips in it's little pinching plastic cartoon fingers, it not only slows you down from plowing through a whole bag, it also keeps your human fingers free from grease and salt. It's basically the first utensil for picking up messy snacks like chips, pretzels, popcorn, and more. It features a No Broken Clutch System that prevents it from breaking a potato chip no matter how hard you press the button, a Finger Easy Cleaning System that shakes off the crumbs automatically, and a No Touch Table System that lets you set it down on the table without the fingers touching it. The perfect fun wacky gift for snack lovers.

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