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Safety Bagel Slicer - Ultimate Bagel-Slicing Tool

Safety Bagel Slicer - Ultimate Bagel-Slicing Tool

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Bagels are not only tough to slice, but scary as well. We've all tried to cut through one of these dense and doughy bread circles only to find that the possibility of halving our hands rather than the bagel is very high. The innovative new Safety Bagel Slicer is the perfect solution to this serious dilemma and eliminates the sheer embarrassment of a serious bagel-related injury.

The Safety Bagel Slicer is the ultimate tool for creating perfect bagel slices every time, while preventing injuries because it doesn't have an exposed blade. The doctor-developed and ergonomically friendly one-piece design features a long-life and non-exposed serrated blade, a heavy-duty white plastic handle and it won't crush or tear hot, fresh bagels. It was even featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and voted the People's Choice "Best in Show Innovative New Product" at the International Restaurant and Food Service Show, so as far as bagel slicers go, this one is truly acclaimed.

This hardcore, yet very safe knife contraption would make a welcome addition to any typical office breakroom full of dangerous bagels, the kitchen drawer at home or in any bakery or store looking for a commercial quality bagel-slicing solution.

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