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Swanky - Floating Swan Ladle

Swanky - Floating Swan Ladle

Swanky - Floating Swan Ladle

This cool new Swanky Floating Ladle from Ototo Design is a whimsical yet elegant swan-shaped ladle that magically floats around upright on top of a pot of soup, a punch bowl, gravies, sauces, and more. Instead of having no good spot to place a used ladle, letting it just float around on top of whatever you're ladling instead just kind of makes sense. It's also fun to use when serving at the dinner table to spark up some laughs and conversation as it bobs around. Check out the the video below to see it in action. 🦢

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  • Floating with grace, balanced like a ballerina, Swanky will help you stay on top of your soup
  • This elegant floating ladle will fancy up any dinner and raise smiles around your table

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