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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins

Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins

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If large cupcake pans take up too much space in your kitchen for the limited amount of times you would make these tasty treats then check out these cool new Batch - Connectable Individual Cupcake Tins. This innovative set of six cupcake tins each slide in and lock together to create a configurable cupcake tray. When you're done baking, they slide apart to fit easily in the dishwasher and then stack together to save space. Another cool idea from the inventive minds over at and hopefully it gets made.

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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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Batch - Individual Connectable Cupcake Tins
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