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Twist Action Lemon and Lime Juicer

Twist Action Lemon and Lime Juicer

Twist Action Lemon and Lime Juicer

Extract the maximum amount of juice from lemons and limes without the mess and the inevitable squirt in the eyes with just a simple twist of the wrist using this cool new Twist Action Lemon and Lime Juicer from Sur La Table. Just drop half of a lemon or lime down onto the yellow reaming cone with metal juicing prong, press down the green plunger on top, and then twist away to quickly and easily break down the cell walls of the fruit. The extracted juice flows down into the clear container cup below, minus the lemon seeds, and it includes handy measurement lines on the side for determining precise amounts for recipes. Perfect for extracting citrus juice for margaritas, lemonade, homemade cleaning products, and much, much more.

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  • This citrus juicer offers maximum performance with minimum effort
  • The pressing and turning action breaks down all of the cell walls to release more juice from citrus fruits
  • Easy to read measurements allow you to calculate the precise amounts needed for recipes
  • Clear container cup with measurements
  • Tests show that it's beaten all other manual juicers on the market for performance and ease of use
  • Capacity: 1.5 cups
  • Metal juicing prong
  • Yellow reaming cone
  • Green plunger
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: BPA-Free Plastic, Polypropylene, metal
  • Size: 3.25" Diameter x 6.5" H

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