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Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer

Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer

Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer

Cold brewed coffee is not only a unique way to brew coffee with half the acidity and bitterness of a traditional brew, it also has a naturally sweeter taste as well. This cool new Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer lets you make tasty cold brewed coffee in style. This two-part glass brewer is designed to extract the concentrated coffee flavor and caffeine from ground coffee, minus the bitter compounds, using nothing more than a paper filter, cool water, and time. Just place the bottom half over a glass and insert a paper filter at the bottom, then your favorite ground coffee on top, replace the glass lid, pour in the water, and wait. This is not a quick hot brew way of making coffee, but a slower method that takes hours and the taste is definitely worth waiting for. After it has brewed through to the cup below, pour in some ice, and mix with cream if needed.

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  • Cold brewing is a method of brewing that extracts a very dense concentration of coffee
  • With half the amount of acidity, it provides a much smoother and mellower taste
  • Pourer for cold coffee
  • Material: glass
  • Use with #155 filter
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Size: 5.7" W x 4.6" H x 4.6" L

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