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Sugar Cube Heart Mug Toppers

Sugar Cube Heart Mug Toppers

Sugar Cube Heart Mug Toppers

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These cool new Sugar Cube Hearts from Canasuc Paris are whimsical French sugar cubes shaped like little hearts with notches on the side that allow them to be hung off the rim of a coffee mug or tea cup. These 100% pure cane sugar hearts come in packages of either white and amber or white and red. Perfect for Valentine's Day, extra-romantic after dinner coffees, having coffee with your sweetheart, or just whenever you like I guess.

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  • Heart-shaped sugars to put on the edge of the cup
  • It wraps a tea, coffee, herbal tea or infusion in sweetness, but also the heart of your loved one
  • Ingredient: 100% cane sugar
  • Number of sugars in the box: 16 white and 16 amber or 16 white and 16 red
  • Made in France

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