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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel

Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel

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Want to relax in your favorite recliner, put your feet up on the desk at work, or just take a simple walk with a cup of hot coffee in your hand and not spill it all over yourself while you sip it? Then check out this cool new Relaxx Mug. This futuristic looking mug is a nearly unspillable drinking vessel that lets you enjoy coffee, tea, hot cocoa, broth, or even soup while reclined up to an 80 degree tilt without fear of spillage. It features a unique tapered neck and spout designed to keep the liquid flowing towards your mouth and not your shirt, while it also helps intensify the aroma and maintain the heat. The mug holds a generous 14.5 oz of your favorite hot beverage, has an ergonomic handle designed for both left-handed and right-handed people to help prevent them from dropping it on themselves too, and is made from lead-free white porcelain that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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Relaxx Mug - Nearly Unspillable Drinking Vessel
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