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Medieval Castle Birdhouse

Medieval Castle Birdhouse

Medieval Castle Birdhouse

Want to seriously upgrade that boring, misshapen birdhouse you proudly built when you were first learning to hammer nails? Want to transform your backyard into a full blown kingdom... for birds? Then behold this cool new yet quite medieval Birdhouse Castle! Regular birds instantly become avian knights of the sky as they flock to this majestic castle containing four birdhouse towers along with a main chamber in the middle for the more royal of the species to rule from. If needed, the tops of each section of the castle can be removed for easy cleaning... if they deem you worthy enough to enter. Besides the impressive medieval castle shape, this epic birdhouse also includes torch-like sconces, flags, perches, and even a portcullis (that heavy vertically-closing medieval gate). All it's missing is a moat to thwart any squirrel invaders. Now if you notice that all of the birdsong and tweeting gets replaced with the sounds of mini trumpets and tiny fireballs are getting launched over the fence into the neighbor's tree, it might be a great time to pick up bird watching as a hobby.

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  • Castle Flock is five birdhouses in one epic bird castle!
  • Each of the 4 towers is a birdhouse and the middle is a birdhouse as well
  • Includes sconces, flags, perches, a non-opening front gate with a portcullis (a heavy vertically-closing medieval gate)
  • Tops of the towers can be removed for occasional cleaning
  • Top of the middle chamber removes as well
  • Cavity nesters such as Purple Martins will find this particularly appealing
  • Handmade

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