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Zwitscherbox - Plays Relaxing Bird Songs When It Detects Motion

Zwitscherbox - Plays Relaxing Bird Songs When It Detects Motion

Stressed out? Need more peace and tranquility in your life? Need to reconnect with nature? Before modern tweets of 140 characters or less and staring at phones all day, there was a time when people used to take long walks in the woods and listen to the soothing sounds of birds tweeting and chirping high up in the trees. Well, now you can sort of recreate that serenity anywhere you want with this cool new Zwitscherbox.

Zwitscher is the German word for twittering, which is exactly what this unique box does. This birdhouse-inspired box plays two minutes of relaxing bird songs when it detects motion. This German designed twittering box features tweets and chirps inspired by birds native to the Black Forest, has a cherry wood faceplate, and a motion sensor that turns off in the dark. Absolutely perfect for bathrooms and driving cats crazy.


  • Motion-activated audio player that serenades bird lovers with a natural melody of tweets and chirps
  • Developed in Germany and inspired by birds native to the Black Forest
  • Plays a two-minute chorus of bird songs when activity is recognized within four feet of the motion sensor
  • Reminiscent of a traditional peaked-roof birdhouse
  • Front plate is made from cherry wood
  • Motion sensor disables in the dark to provide a quiet and sleep-friendly atmosphere
  • Power/volume knob allows orniphiles to adjust the audio level
  • Size: 4.5" H x 5.75" W x 1.5" D - 8 oz

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