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Pneumatic Train Whistle for the Porch

Pneumatic Train Whistle for the Porch

Pneumatic Train Whistle for the Porch

The cool new Pneumatic Train Whistle is a steam train-inspired porch whistle that allows you to easily summon the kids in the evening or guests to come and get their supper. Just give the cord a quick pull to inflate the bellows with air and let off a safe but effective 120 dB whistle sound from its four pipes or just do a quick pull for a short toot to send out a reminder or warning. Very cool, but now wishing they made these for shopping carts at the stores.

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  • Pneumatically powered whistle inspired by the iconic steam train whistles of yesteryear
  • Summom children home for the evening or guests to supper
  • Ideal for adding whimsy to a porch, lakehouse deck, or recreation area
  • Generates a safe 120 dB without alerting an entire town like its steam-powered forebears
  • Whistle sounds four notes from its pipes simultaneously when its cord is pulled and its vinyl bellows inflate with air
  • Shorter tugs yield staccato toots for time reminders or behavior warnings
  • Full-length pull generates a robust clarion call that trails off in a classic whine that evokes the chuffing and puffing of a departing locomotive
  • Size: 14" H x 10" W x 6" D - 2 lbs

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