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Faux Shrub Utility Cover

Faux Shrub Utility Cover

Do you have an air conditioner, water pump, home generator, utility box or some other eyesore you'd like to disguise? The cool new TRiCC Utility Cover is a realistic faux shrub designed to conceal utility equipment eyesores around the outside of your home without interferring with their operation. They not only make your landscape more attractive, they also reduce overall noise levels, protect from debris, snow and ice accumulation and provide shade for improved operating efficiency. A slightly pricey, but very effective landscaping camouflage solution.


  • Faux botanical cover used to protect and disguise unattractive equipment such as air conditioner condensers, heat pumps, pool pumps/filters/heaters, and home generators around the outside of your home
  • Authentic-looking evergreen bush that easily blends with existing landscaping and will not interfere with the operation
  • Three sides rather than four - will not completely enclose your equipment
  • Maintenance free, improves landscape environments, simplify seasonal changeover activities and provides protection for your home utility equipment
  • Includes: 3 side panels, one top panel, foliage limbs, securing devices and instructions
  • Constructed of high quality materials to withstand many years of harsh weather and sun exposure
  • Reduces overall noise levels
  • Protects from debris, snow and ice accumulation
  • Provides shade for improved operating efficiency.
  • Size: 52" H x 68" W x 68" D - 90 lbs

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