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Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile

Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile

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Spice up your patio, garden, or even your kitchen this spring when you hang up this cool new Chili Pepper Mobile. This handcrafted indoor/outdoor hanging mobile features eight sculptural metal chili peppers that slowly twist around in the breeze. The hanging chilis are made from reclaimed metal and then hand-painted with vibrant and realistic red and green hues. It also makes a great gift for hot pepper lovers, hot sauce lovers, gardeners who love to grow hot chili peppers, or anyone just enjoys unique and spicy decor. 💨🌶️

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Giant Bluetooth Gramophone Speaker
It may look like a vintage 1920s gramophone with a classic horn speaker, but this sleek modern Bluetooth version doesn't need to be wound up nor does it need disc-based recordings. Plus, you can take this giant gramophone on the go for mobile play.
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Massive Abominable Snowman / Yeti Statue
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Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
Step aside garden gnomes, fashionable cement geese, that blue gazing ball thing, and plastic pink flamingos, because this cool new Crashed Flying Saucer Statue not only gives your neighborhood an out-of-this world close encounter, it also ups the bar on lawn ornament ridiculousness.
Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
Colorful autumn themed frosted glass leaves suspended from a natural driftwood branch look luminous in sunlight and chime softly in a breeze.
Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
Constructed from sturdy galvanized metal, this sleek planter includes a tall trellis that supports climbing plants and doubles as an elegant privacy screen.
Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
Boost your garden's productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, Mason bees are incredible pollinators.
Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
Clever device holds the bag open, making it easy to bag up leaves and other lawn debris!
Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
An extra-large plant protection cage made from galvanized chicken wire that's designed to keep annoying animal pests out of your vegetable garden.
Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
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Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
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Handcrafted Metal Chili Pepper Mobile
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