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Alice In Wonderland Inspired Functional Door Knob

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Functional Door Knob

Wonderland might only exist in books, movies, and our imaginations, but you can still turn a small piece of it into reality when you swap out your boring old door knob for this cool new Alice In Wonderland Inspired Functional Door Knob. This adorable door knob is inspired by the whimsical talking door knob on the tiny door behind the curtains from the Alice In Wonderland cartoon and it actually works... no magical keys or shrinking potions required. Each door knob is crafted from a real working version with a sculptural face plate around it that is hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and signed by the creator. It's perfect for any kid's bedroom, playroom, home theater, secret room, or even on the door to Wonderland itself.


  • Turn your home into a wonderland!
  • Alice in Wonderland inspired door knob - custom sculpted, hand-molded, hand-painted, and signed by the designer
  • The sculpt comes in two pieces, plus the door knob and hardware
  • Can also be mounted to a wall, or used on your existing doorknob
  • Made with a real doorknob and sculpted from a very strong, chip-proof, polyurethane resin - painted gold \ brass
  • Perfect for a kids room or home theater
  • Do Not use on any main door knobs or emergency exists!
  • Size: 8" L x 4" W

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