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Smart Slider - Hands-Free Patio Door Opener

Smart Slider - Hands-Free Patio Door Opener

Smart Slider - Hands-Free Patio Door Opener

When your hands are full or just dirty, this cool new Smart Slider - Hands-Free Door Opener allows you to easily open and close a sliding screen door with just a swipe from one foot. Perfect for opening a sliding patio door when carrying food out to the grill or a tray of food or drinks out to guests while entertaining and helps to prevent scuffs and damage to the screen itself. It also has the benefit of allowing quicker access in and out while your hands are occupied which will help keep unwanted flying insects out of your home. Made from high quality PVC, these simple door sliders can be quickly installed on most patio screen doors and no tools are required.

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  • Hands-free operation allows you to open and close your patio screen door without any hassle
  • Using only one foot, you can now easily open and close your patio screen door
  • Makes it quick and easy to open your patio door when your hands are occupied or dirty
  • Whether your hands are full, carrying delicate or heavy items, or greasy from preparing your outdoor meal
  • Simple installation requires no tools - fits on most patio screen doors
  • Made out of high quality PVC
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Durable enough to last beyond the lifetime of your patio door
  • Prevents unnecessary scuffs and damages to your screen patio door
  • Includes two Smart Sliders and 6 3M Velcro adhesive strips

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