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Monkey Fist Knot Doorstop

Monkey Fist Knot Doorstop

Monkey Fist Knot Doorstop

A monkey fist knot is an ingenious nautical knot tied from one continuous strand of rope and was used as an end weight by seamen and pirates to heave a long rope line from ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship, as a rescue lifeline for those who were tossed overboard (not who walked the plank) and as weapons in tavern brawls. Today you can use one as a weighty counterbalance to simply keep a door open with the cool 3.3 lb Monkey Fist Knot Doorstop.

How to Tie a Monkey Fist Knot - (Wikipedia)

  • Start by wrapping the rope around four of your fingers.
  • Once there are three wraps, remove your fingers and wrap it three times around the three lengths where your middle and ring finger were. You can use more than three wraps (four or five) for a larger knot, and if the object you are using in the center of the knot is not fully covered by 3 wraps. Experimentation will guide you in the right rope weight and number of wraps to make a good-looking knot.
  • Then make three more turns by passing the end of the rope inside the first set of turns but outside the second set.
  • Finally, insert the weight and tighten the rope.

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  • Rustic knot door stopper will hold its own next to even the heaviest doors
  • Weighs at 3.3 lbs
  • Textured fibers and simple woven pattern
  • Materials: Jute
  • Size: 10" Diameter

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