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Autoslide - Automatic Sliding Door System

Autoslide - Automatic Sliding Door System

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Just about every science fiction depiction of the future has automatic sliding doors, well that future is finally here. Sure retailers have had them for years, but now you can automate all your sliding doors when you approach them by installing this cool new AutoSlide Lifestyle Kit.

This handy automatic sliding door system converts your existing sliding doors into fully automated doors that open automatically when the wireless infra-red sensors or push buttons are activated. It features an automatic safety reverse, closes automatically with a customizable pre-programmed time delay and can still be opened manually via power assist with no damage to the motor. Great solution for those with their hands full, germophobes, parties to ensure the door stays shut, the elderly, the disabled, and more. Unfortunately, they don't make that cool, futuristic whoosh sound when opening and closing.

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