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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell

Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell

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Does your dog frantically bark and scratch at the door to be taken outside to use the bathroom or go for a walk? Well, since they can only bark and scratch to get your attention, maybe they just need a simple communication tool to let their humans know they need to go out? This cool new Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0. This innovative doorbell button for dogs can be pressed with either their nose or their paw with only 0.75 lbs of light pressure to wirelessly ring the receiver up to 1000 feet away. The transmitter button is water-resistant so it can be used indoors or out (they may want to ring you when they want to come back in from the yard) and doesn't even use batteries or require power to operate. Just the click of the button generates enough power to send a signal to the plugged in receiver chime, which has 4 volume levels and 38 different ringtones to choose from. With a little training, this could be a great solution... unless you also have an evil cat that likes to push it just to see you come running. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
Although I would rather have real swooshing automatic doors from the Starship Enterprise, I guess I'll just have to settle for the swoosh sound only on my manual 21st century door using this cool new 23rd century inspired Star Trek Motion-Sensitive Door Chime.
Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
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Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
On our cell phones we have custom ringtones, so why shouldn't our doorbells as well? Sorry, Ding-Dong - is out! The Re-Bell USB Doorbell is a very cool new doorbell that replaces your old one and also connects to your PC via USB to allow you to add your favorite sound effects, music, audio clips, movie quotes or whatever 9up to 30 seconds), whenever you want.
Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 - Wireless Dog Doorbell
An innovative door stopper with a built-in 120 dB alarm to alert you when an intruder attempts to enter your hotel room, dorm room, apartment, or through any hinged door.

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