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Tuff Pupper Big Dog - Portable Dog Water Bottle / Water Bowl

Tuff Pupper Big Dog - Portable Dog Water Bottle / Water Bowl

Tuff Pupper Big Dog - Portable Dog Water Bottle / Water Bowl

This cool new Tuff Pupper Big Dog is a portable water bottle for dogs that has a built-in flip up silicone water bowl for your furry best friend to easily drink from. To use, just fill the 24 oz capacity stainless steel bottle with cold fresh water and when your dog needs a drink simply flip up the water bowl, push the button to release some water, let your dog lap it up, and then let any extra water drain back in. The removable water bowl top can also be attached to larger water bottles as well. A great way to help keep your pup properly hydrated on long hikes, a trip to the dog park, or just a lazy stroll around the neighborhood.

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  • Silicone top quickly flips up to create a cup for your dog to lap from as you gently squeeze water from the bottle
  • Quickly provide fresh water for your dog without a dog bowl
  • Simple pop-up drinking cup with sports top water nozzle
  • When finished drinking, easily flip the top back down and you’re ready to go again
  • Quick release water button
  • No wasted water, no extra bowl, no need to stop and sit down
  • Water drains back into the bottle
  • Capacity: 24 oz
  • Removable top can be washed and easily attached to larger water bottles too
  • Made of high-quality flexible food-grade silicone, 100% lead-free, BPA-free, FDA approved
  • Compact water bottle is great for walking and traveling with your dog
  • Included bottle clip can be attached to your backpack, purse, dog travel crate, stroller, glovebox, and more

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