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Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister

Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister

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This cool new Airless Fine Spray Mister is able to produce a continuous ultra fine mist spray that lasts a few seconds from its non-pressurized, aerosol-free water container... even when turned upside down. This multi-purpose fine mist spray bottle is perfect for plants, cleaning, hairstyling, skin care, makeup, artists, air freshening (add a few drops of essential oils), pets, heat relief, and more. It holds up to 10 oz of water and, with just a few pulls of the trigger, can distribute a prolonged and continuous output for a few seconds evenly across a large area. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Wall-Mounted Cat Drinking Fountain
It may look like a traditional human public drinking fountain, except this one is just for cats and continuously recirculates the water up through the fountain nozzle - no button pushing by furry paws required.
Terracotta Plant Watering Stake / Carrot
This watering stake looks like a big carrot and is made from porous terracotta that slowly releases just the amount of water that your thirsty plant needs.
Chums Over-The-Wrist Floating Keychain
This highly visible yellow foam floating keychain is perfect for boating, water parks, the deep end of the pool, rafting, water sports, the beach, going over a waterfall, or anywhere there's a lot of water and important keys.
EGO POWER+ Misting Fan - The World's Most Powerful Cordless Misting Fan!
This innovative, battery-powered outdoor misting fan delivers a cooling breeze mixed with a refreshing fine mist at air speeds up to 20 mph!
Self-Watering Terracotta Olla Pots for Houseplants
Water will slowly seep through the terracotta surface and the plant's roots will then grow towards and attach themselves to it to soak up only what they need.
Air2Water Dolphin Watercooler - Water Out of Thin Air!
The Dolphin by Air2Water is the first watercooler to go completely bottleless since it generates its own pure water out of thin air. By combining a dehumidifier with a state-of-the-art water filtration system, this innovative watercooler can generate 20 to 24 liters of hot or cold pure drinking water every 24 hours.
Primo hTRiO - Water Dispenser With Built-In Single Serve Coffee Maker
An innovative bottom-loading water dispenser that not only has the standard hot and cold water dispensing options, it also has a built-in single serve K-Cup coffee maker in the center. It's basically a Keurig coffee maker with a massive 5 gallon water reservoir!
Rain Barrel Hand Pump Stand
If you harvest rainwater with a rain barrel to freely water your plants, garden, lawn, trees, or landscape, but find it hard to reach the spigot or get your watering can beneath it, then check out this cool new yet quite old-fashioned Satellite Rain Barrel Pump Stand.
Leaflow - Leaf-Shaped Plant Watering Funnels
These handy leaf-shaped watering funnels discreetly direct the flow of water to a plant's roots instead of splashing off the leaves onto the floor.

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Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
Wall trellis helps guide indoor vining plants to grow vertically upwards and can be combined with multiple sets to create a dramatic living wall.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
This Spring, give your landscape edging a pop of color with this cool new Flower Pot Holder Garden Edging.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
Instantly give your beautiful but boring houseplants some truly out-of-this-world personality with these cool new Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Plant Markers.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
This fun artificial plant organically moves its leaves up and down in response to the sunlight. No watering required.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
This unique, space-saving gardening solution not only grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs vertically in less than 2 square feet, it also easily rolls on 5 caster wheels if you need to move it or rotate it towards the sun.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
This miniature garden set comes with three concrete-like lightweight portable planters, each with its own water-retaining succulent plant included.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
Upside-down and low-maintenance are always an intriguing combination when it comes to plants!
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
A unique and decorative way to deliver water directly to a plant's roots.
Airless Continuous Ultra Fine Spray Mister
These planters are a sinister fusion of botanical elegance and extraterrestrial terror that pay homage to the infamous Ovomorph eggs from the ALIEN movies.

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