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AquaBoy Pro II - Generates Pure Water From The Air

AquaBoy Pro II - Generates Pure Water From The Air

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When it comes to drinking water, I don't really know what I trust to drink anymore. Bottled water is usually just expensive filtered municipal tap water with a misleading label and an environmentally unfriendly design, municipal tap water contains disinfectants and varying levels of pollutants and other contaminants or worse (way to go Flint, MI), and I'm just avoiding untreated ground water at all costs. The good news, is that we still have it better than most in human history, but perhaps there's another, better way to quench our thirst?

The cool new AquaBoy Pro II is an innovative bottle-less water cooler that is able to generate pure drinking water directly from the air around it - no pricey bottled water service needed. It uses a seven stage filtration process to convert humidity in the air into 2 to 5 gallons of pure water per day that is 99.9% free from toxins, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients with a neutral 7 to 7.5 pH range. First, air is drawn in through a HEPA air filter to prevent micro-particles and dust from entering, condenses into water after making contact with cooled stainless steel coils and is collected into a stainless steel tank where UV light eliminates any bacteria and/or microorganisms, then runs it through 4 additional filtering phases before being treated with UV light again, and then is separated into one stainless steel holding tank that heats the water to 180° F and another that chills the water down to 44° F. To prevent stagnation, the water is continually recycled back through the filtration system to keep it fresh and purified.

Not only does this high-tech water cooler deliver safe and pure drinking water, reduce the need for plastic bottles and using ground water, and double as an air purifier and dehumidifier, it also just might pay for itself one day in total savings. The only downside is that for the most efficient operation, it requires that the humidity be at least 40% with air temperatures around 75° F. So if you meet those minimum requirements, enjoy drinking safe and healthy H2O, and want to save money, then this just might be a great solution. Check out the video below to see a demonstration. Cool huh?

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AquaBoy Pro II - Generates Pure Water From The Air
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AquaBoy Pro II - Generates Pure Water From The Air
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AquaBoy Pro II - Generates Pure Water From The Air
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