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HoMedics Brethe Air Revitalizer

HoMedics Brethe Air Revitalizer

The cold dry winter has once again fallen upon Green Head HQ here in Chicago, so I was looking for a new humidifer for the office and I came across something that is really cool.

The new HoMedics Brethe Air Revitalizer not only helps to maintain optimum humidity levels without wicks or filters, it also neutralizes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria and removes odors caused by pets, smoke, cooking and other odor causing bacteria. It actually washes the air!

Simply fill up the unit with water, flip it on and watch as the vortex cleaning action mixes the water with incoming air at 2800 rpms and releases an intense rainforest mist. You can also add in different 100% natural botanical scent solutions such as citrus, lime or vanilla to freshen the air better than most air fresheners ever could. My favorite part, that will probably put me to sleep at my desk, is the soft blue light that you can turn on that illuminates the smooth swirling waters. Now it's not exactly an air purifier, but it is the perfect solution to freshen, revitalize and naturally humidify the air in your home or office. Get an extra one for next to the cat box!


  • Neutralizes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria and removes odors caused by pets, smoke and other odor causing bacteria
  • The unique vortex cleaning action uses an intense "rainforest" mist to wash incoming air with an emulsified botanical solution
  • This 100% natural botanical solution comes with a choice of 3- 2.03 fluid ounce scents. Refreshing citrus, energizing lime and soothing vanilla
  • No bacteria filled wicks or filters are required and the air revitalizer also helps to maintain optimum humidity levels
  • The soothing blue light adds ambiance to any environment

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