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Blueair AirPod - Personal Air Purifier

Blueair AirPod - Personal Air Purifier

Blueair AirPod - Personal Air Purifier

With the cold weather here in Chicago, the office air in here is stuffy and polluted and I really just need some fresh air. The problem is that most air purifiers are noisy & bulky and the personal smaller air purifiers just usually aren't that effective. Well, these problems are solved with the cool new AirPod from Blueair.

The AirPod gives you all the advantages of a full size Blue Air air purifier, but is meant for a personal space of about 45 cubic feet and does it in pure style. The AirPod's innovative design allows its patented HEPASilent™ filter, which come in different patterns and colors, to be fully exposed to the surrounding air and is connected to a simple docking station that houses an electrostatically-charged ionizer and power unit. This is a perfect clean air solution for cubicles, offices, dorms, bathrooms(especially), bedrooms, travel or anywhere else since it's so portable.

Very cool, but it gives me an idea for the typical office. Why not just make air filters that go behind the computer fans, since they are usually always on?

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  • HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTER - Patented HEPASilent™ filter technology generally provides higher filtration efficiency than filters used in other air cleaners. Thousands of fine polypropylene fibers captures even the smallest particles, yet enable air to flow freely through the filter.
  • ELECTROSTATIC IONIZER - The ionizer releases negative charges into the air that make airborne particles cling more easily easily to the filter media and helps increase overall cleaning efficiency. No ozone by-products are generated.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Blueair air purifiers are 35 percent more energy-efficient than standard models and cost less to run than a single light bulb. All units meet ENERGY STAR requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • WHISPER-SILENT OPERATION - Sophisticated materials and precision engineering allow Blueair to clean indoor air without the noise associated with standard models. Air passes easily through the filter, so the fan doesn?t have to work as hard or as loud.

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