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Salin Plus - Salt Therapy Air Purifier

Salin Plus - Salt Therapy Air Purifier

If you don't live near the ocean or an underground salt cave, you can still experience the respiratory health benefits of halotherapy AKA salt therapy along with much cleaner air simply by using this cool new Salin Plus - Salt Therapy Air Purifier. Like a refreshing sea breeze at home or , this unique salt therapy device not only releases microscopic salt particles charged with negative ions into the air, which may help with conditions like allergies, colds, flus, sinus congestion, bronchitis, post nasal drip, and more, it also helps to remove airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and more as well. Perfect for breathing better and cleaner either while you sleep, work at the office, or anywhere in rooms up to 5000 cubic feet.


  • Just like a refreshing sea breeze
  • Air purifier emits microscopic salt particles that help to cleanse the indoor environment and mitigate the symptoms of breathing conditions
  • Cleanse your airways and remove airborne pollutants, such as dust and pollen, while you sleep or work
  • Halotherapy releases airborne crystals of Romanian rock salt charged with negative ions
  • Said to improve the lungs' ability to absorb oxygen and thin mucus
  • As air is drawn into the device, pollutants such as dust mites and pet dander are snagged by a filter while the salt is expelled
  • Creates the same bracing feeling experienced when taking a deep breath near the ocean
  • Creates an environment similar to salt rooms, although the dose is significantly less and the device leaves no salt residue
  • Fan speed and salt output can be adjusted
  • Comes with one filter that will last up to six months
  • Purifies rooms up to 5,000 cubic feet
  • Great alternative to using other home devices such as humidifiers, salt lamps, salt pipes, air purifiers, mouth guards or saline sprays.
  • Size: 9.5" H x 7" W x 6" D - 1/3 lb

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