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CatMouse - Electronic Litter Box Deodorizer

CatMouse - Electronic Litter Box Deodorizer

CatMouse - Electronic Litter Box Deodorizer

Until cat litter boxes get built-in ventilation fans like our bathrooms, the CatMouse - Electronic Litter Box Deodorizer is the next best thing. This cool new miniature electronic air sanitizer and deodorizer produces organic airborne oxidizers and purifiers, Oxyions, to remove odors and bring fresh, clean smelling air into small areas up to a 50 square feet. If you are catless, it can also be used to effectively eliminate odors in pantries, garbage cans, under hamper lids, diaper pails and even in small closets.

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  • Produces specifically balanced Oxyions designed for eliminating Litter Box Odors or any other pet odors
  • Safe and natural oxidizing oxygen-ion output, leaving a fresh, clean smell
  • Fastest, easiest, safest & most effective way to eliminate all types of household odors and improve health!
  • Stylish, low profile, compact design in a versatile, attractive mouse-gray finish
  • Completely safe, low voltage wires to protect cats
  • Ultra-low 3 watt power consumption (half that of a nightlight)
  • No batteries to buy or replace ever!
  • Deodorizes and sanitizes up to a 50 sq. ft. area (approx. 7' x 7')
  • Low maintenance, durable stainless steel needle point deodorizer generator

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