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Calabash Cat Pod

Calabash Cat Pod

Calabash Cat Pod

Cat furniture is typically hideous to look at in the middle of your home, but that all changes with this cool new Calabash Cat Pod. This sculptural hanging cat bed is shaped like a calabash (bottle-shaped gourd) that suspends from a wall bracket, ceiling beam, or the optional stand with adjustable motion restricting brackets. The pod is constructed from interlocking CNC laser cut medium density fiberboard, includes a heavy-duty cotton cushion, and can be ordered with an optional interior lining cushion for cats who enjoy privacy while planning their attacks. Like all cat furniture, it's a bit pricey all together, but your pampered cat won't mind.

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  • Inspired by the dried, hollowed out fruit of the Calabash vine
  • Made from CNC Laser cut Medium Density Fiberboard and the cushion is sewn from heavy-duty cotton
  • Structure is designed to fit together securely by interlocking notches
  • Optional Stand features adjustable motion restricting brackets which can be used to limit the amount of swinging motion
  • Optional Lining Cushion is great for cats who enjoy an enclosed space

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