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Cat Castle

Cat Castle

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Whether your pampered cat is already ruling your home like a king or queen or is just your little princess, then upgrade their meager pet bed to something a bit more fitting their royalty like this cool new Cat Castle. Unlike traditional carpeted cat furniture towers that are nothing but hideous eyesores in the living room, this luxurious medieval cat castle wrapped in soft plush is at least cute and amusing. Each castle is wrapped in soft plush, has a natural sisal scratching post, a bottom condo with removable cushions that connects to an upper tower via an internal crawlspace, a raised platform bed to jump up to, and various dangling toys and a rustling foil blanket in the tower. Hmm, maybe giving a cat a castle will just further its thirst for expanding its kingdom and power over the humans. Expect much more frequent and well-planned sneak attacks.

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