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SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom

SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom

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I don't usually get too excited about gas cans, but this cool new SureCan reinvents them for the better. Unlike regular gas cans that you have to awkwardly bend over and tilt the spout into whatever tank you're filling usually resulting in spilled gas and messy hands, this innovative spill-proof gas can dispenses through the bottom instead using a long flexible rotating nozzle and a thumb-controlled trigger to control the flow. It also self-ventilates for a smooth flow, has a comfortable grip, and is durably made in the USA from the highest quality materials. Perfect for fueling up mowers and other power lawn equipment, generators, vehicles, and more. Check out the video below to see it in action. See I told you a gas can can be kind of exciting.

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Saucemoto Dip Clip - Car Vent Dipping Sauce Holder
Yes, after untold decades of munching on fast food while driving, there's now a handy contraption that securely holds most shapes of sauce cups and even sauces like ketchup from packets easily within reach right on your vehicle's air vent.
LED-Illuminated Foam Head Vehicle Snow Broom and Ice Scraper
This innovative snow brush has a large foam head brush with 4 bright LEDs for maximum visibility in the dark and a handy ice breaker on the other end as well.
Stayhold Cargo Companion
When transporting groceries, tools, bottles, bags, plants, luggage, sports equipment, and other loose objects in your car, keep them securely in place using this cool new {LINK}Stayhold Cargo Companion{/LINK}.
MAXSA Escaper Buddy Vehicle Traction Mats For Snow, Ice, Sand, and Mud
These cool new MAXSA Escaper Buddy Vehicle Traction Mats not only can help your vehicle escape from being stuck in the snow and ice in the wildest of winter weather, they can also help you when driving through the sand at the beach or desert or even through the mud when driving off-road or on the farm.
Drop Stop - Car Seat Gap Filler
If you're tired of endlessly dropping French fries, coins, cell phones, pens, and more down between the seats in your car, then check out these cool new gap-filling neoprene wedges for car seats.
Sand Caddy - Holds 40 Pounds For Added Winter Traction
These reusable, leakproof plastic containers hold almost 40 pounds of sand for adding extra weight and traction to rear wheel drive cars or trucks without the mess of heavy, awkward sandbags.
Heavy-Duty Home Parking Curb
When you pull your car into the garage to park are you sick and tired of driving right through the wall? Well most of us drivers don't hit and drive through every single thing we see, but there are some of you out there that just don't seem to understand the simple concepts of Wall and Stop. Good news, you can now get a Heavy-Duty Home Parking Curb to well, er curb that behavior. This durable rubber parking curb is great for those mentioned above, the unsure, new teenage drivers, RV owners, boat trailers, etc. I want one just to have a funny parking curb in the garage.
Portable Tow Truck - Emergency Tire Traction Mats
When your vehicle gets stuck in the snow, mud, or sand, try slipping these emergency tire traction mats under your vehicles's pulling wheels to give them something to bite down into and pull free.
CarCapsule - Inflatable Car Storage Bubble
The CarCapsule is a clear vinyl bubble that seals your car, truck, boat or motorcycle away from the elements and keeps it looking fresh and new.

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SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
When you're working on a vehicle or just some top secret workshop project that you think you'll finish one day, roll around in total comfort wielding all your most used tools using this cool new Rolling Toolbox Stool.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
These handy tire pressure readout gauges screw directly onto the valve stems of your car, truck, or motorcycle's tires to provide a dependable psi reading with just a push of a button.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
Project one of four preloaded festive animated scenes onto your garage door or side of the house using this weatherproof projector that is six times brighter than a typical projector.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
A futuristic wrench with a patented liquid-core that adjusts to fit almost any nut or bolt (metric and standard) with ease.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
A handy pail with a reel that easily winds up extension cords, cables, rope and more to eliminate messy and horrific tangles and knots.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
After working hard with your hands, wash away all that stubborn grime and grit with this rugged, badass soap that smells like gasoline, motor oil, and exhaust.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
A professional, heavy-duty workbench / tool chest with an adjustable height top that can be raised or lowered with a simple turn of a hand crank.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
These heavy-duty plastic floor panels can be placed over existing attic joists measuring either 16 or 24 inches on center and have pre-drilled holes to make installation simple.
SureCan - Spill-Proof Gas Can Dispenses From the Bottom
The world's first portable, motor-driven extension cord manager automatically winds at the touch of a button.

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