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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar

Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar

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When you need an extra hand to lift, align, level, shift, plumb, adjust, or just hold something in place, now you can do it yourself with this cool new Air Shim. This handy one-handed inflatable air wedge acts as both a leveling tool and a pry bar that spans gaps between 3/32" and 2.5" all while supporting up to 300 lbs and doing it without scuffing or damage. To use, just insert it where you need it, squeeze the bulb to inflate, and then use the bleeder valve to precisely raise and lower to a perfect alignment. It's also great for prying off baseboards and trim with ease. Perfect for contractors working with windows, cabinets, doors, and countertops or just a DIYer at home trying to lift up and level a washing machine. There's just endless uses for a convenient tool like this. Check out the video below to see a demonstration.

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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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Air Shim - Inflatable Leveling Tool and Pry Bar
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